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WEN 2202 Review

Wen 2202 Air CompressorWEN is an American company that has been producing power tools since 1951. Though they initially started with electric tools, they moved on to all types of tools for residential and commercial purposes. In this article, we are going to review one of their bestselling air compressors. Air compressors are a common sight both at home and in the workshop.

In our WEN 2202 review, we have tested out this portable air compressor for various uses. We will share our findings with you regarding the pros and cons, unit specifications and other useful information. We hope that you will find this information useful whether you are buying an air compressor or just considering it.

WEN 2202 Specifications

The vertical air tank style on this model, which was made from reinforced steel, has a maximum capacity of 20 gallons. Air tools use this compressed air as a power source, and with this much ‘fuel’ they can be used consistently for a period of time. This volume of pressurized air enables the user to have a longer use time without having to wait for the compressor to refill the tank. This model has a max threshold of 135 PSI, which isn’t a lot for a compressor of this size. However, the motor and pump produce a good airflow rating of 3.8 SCFM at 90 PSI. A lot of different air tools can be used with this unit because of that well-designed feature. Usually, you wouldn’t have such an airflow rating with anything under 150 PSI, but this machine has a 2-horsepower engine that makes it possible. The unit is a bit on the heavy side since it weighs 86 +pounds. To aid in transportation and stability, the compressor was designed with a handle, 2 wheels and 2 metal feet with rubber at the bottom. This makes moving the air compressor easy, and the rubber feet will prevent the unit from tipping over when it is being used. The pump on the unit is oil-lubricated, meaning you have to regularly look at the oil level, refill it when necessary and change the oil at regular times. You can always find all of that useful information in the maintenance section of the user manual. The noise level of this unit, usually, is around 83 dBA, but some users have complained that it is louder than that.

Customer Support and Warranty

Wen has been producing power tools for decades and has invested effort into building a trusting relationship with its clients. This particular model has up to 2 years warranty in case of factory defects. If a problem occurs or you simply want to ask a question, you can contact the company through their phone line, email or website.

What to Expect from WEN 2202

You can accomplish a lot with this air compressor if you use it properly. From doing delicate painting as a part of your hobby or using air tools for carpentry finish, this unit can help you a lot. The size of the air tank, combined with the air flow of the compressor, can support impact wrenches as well. Once the tank was emptied, we did notice it took a little extra time refill completely. This was no problem for us, but it may be an issue for other users. This unit is a bit more expensive, but it does support different tools for a variety of uses in your garage or workshop. Due to its vertical design, you can easily store it in the corner of your garage or closet. If you are looking for even more information about compact air compressors, take a look at our buying guide.


  • Comes with 2 gauges to monitor input and output pressure
  • Equipped with a well-placed release valve
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Doesn’t come with any attachments, but they can be bought
  • The design of the model is on the heavy side
  • Users have complained about the noise level

Wrap Up

The air compressor we tested showed us good results in all of the jobs we put in front of it. Because this model requires oil, you need to invest time into maintaining and cleaning the pump. If you are more of a person for weekend projects, and not a handyman, this compressor will offer you more than you are looking for. Given the specifications of this unit, it should be a good companion on any job site or workshop.

We hope the information in our unbiased WEN 2202 review was useful to you. If we have skipped over any important points, please feel free to write your thoughts in our comments section.

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