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Senco PC1010 Review

Senco PC1010 Air CompressorIf you are a DIYer by any chance, you are aware that anything from nailing to airbrushing is a repetitive, daily task. Using electric power tools can be great in certain situations, but nowadays, most of them are powered via an air compressor which generates force for their operation.

We’ve decided to take this particular model from Senco power tools manufacturer and see what it can do around the house, workshop, and the yard. There are a lot of specifications to know about these types of power utilities, and we will get down to the details.

In the next section, we will provide info about tech specifications, warranty, and general pros and cons, summing it all up in a Senco PC1010 review. Investing in an air compressor is an important thing to do, so let`s get right into it.

Senco PC1010 Specifications

Now, this just might be one of the lightest air compressing units there is. Weighing at a total of just barely 20 pounds, carrying this hot dog shaped compressor is effortless. It is designed to look and feel great while carrying it around, but its housing shape also enables you to keep it anywhere. Yes, another great feature is the low noise of this machine, which is great for closed spaces.

An amazingly low-amp, oil-free electric motor provides an SCFM of 0.7 at 90 PSI. Now, this doesn`t sound like much, but its recovery and pump-up time are incredibly short, meaning that you will save a lot of time while working.

The unit is packed with a 1-gallon air tank that has a drainage valve underneath, for the condensed water. The motor provides 1 horsepower at its peak, which is ideal for craftsmanship and similar home improvement tasks. The maximum pressure that this model can provide clocks at around 125 PSI.

The option to monitor input and output pressure is enabled through a couple of gauges, one on the tank, and one on the housing. Combined with its low weighing body, the heavy-duty handle makes this model easy to handle, carry and store.

Customer Support and Warranty

Believe it or not, regardless of the fact that this model is low to medium-duty one, the community of DIYers is more than satisfied, which they gladly show on the internet. Nevertheless, the Senco manufacturer provides all the essential info regarding spare parts and instructions on their website.

This unit is covered by a 1-year warranty policy, and the manufacturer guarantees to fix any factory-made errors if such occur.

What to Expect from Senco PC1010 Air Compressor?

When we unpacked it, we expected very little, is that this model is extremely portable, silent, and somewhat small. Well, we were surprised that it passed most of the challenges presented, plus it amazed us with its small frame.

This unit is ideal for crafting hobbies, working around the house, and most importantly for air-brushes. Its recovery time enables the working sessions to be almost continual the whole time. Its extra-efficient motor works pretty well and doesn’t need extra space for suction.


  • One of the most portable units out there
  • Really low-noise, under 70 dBA, ideal for inside jobs
  • Short pump-up and recovery time, enabling longer sessions
  • Has a detailed user manual


  • The unit cannot be used for heavy-duty tasks
  • Doesn’t come with any extra accessories, so the hoses need to be bought separately

Wrap Up

After testing this model, we realized that hot dog shaped air compressors have their advantages when it comes to sound. Even though their tanks are somewhat small, their oil-free motor enables them to recover quickly.

We would recommend this model to anyone in need of a pressurized air source for smaller tools, as it proved reliable in the DIY department, and small house works like nailing and stapling. The small amount of space it occupies is great for garages and workshops that cannot afford a lot of extra space.

These were all the necessary information that you should have while thinking about purchasing this particular model. A summary of good and bad in this Senco PC1010 review should come handy to you in order to get to know the model, and finally decide. In case you have additional questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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