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Porter Cable CMB15 Review

Porter-Cable Air Compressor CMB15Considering the worldwide spread of affordable power tools and engineering enthusiasts popping all around, getting a compressed air power source is a logical step. And with the spread of tool culture, we have decided to take and analyze some of the most popular choices when it comes to air compressors.

The CMB15 from Porter-Cable is praised to be one of the most portables in its price range. So, let`s see what this shrouded unit can do. Going through technical specifications, utility, and usage of this unit is important for professionals and new handymen. Being that it comes from a power tool manufacturer, we have put the unit under several tests, just to see how it can challenge and resolve them.

We will answer all these important questions, including warranty, in the following Porter-Cable CMB15 review, and help you decide whether this power tool is a good fit for your inventory.

Porter-Cable CMB15 Specifications

The first thing that we noticed, right off the bat, is the incredibly portable and modern design of the unit. And right after the unboxing, we were quite surprised by its weight. Weighing at barely 20 pounds, this model is astonishingly lightweight, and its shrouded all-in-one design makes it extremely portable. Combined with the provided 25-foot-long coil hose, it was quite easy to move it around.

Now, when it comes to technical specs, this unit is packed with a 10 amp, 120V motor, which has no issue starting in colder temperatures and/or connecting to extension cables. And, of course, the most important piece of information: the compressor has 2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI, which allows for a quick recovery in longer work sessions. This model is oil-free, which makes it quite easy to maintain and service.

The model has 2 indicator gauges, one for input and another for output, with the power knob in between them. This way, you can modify and regulate the output, depending on the attached tool you are using. Even though the unit’s dimensions are quite small, and has a 1.5-gallon air tank, we were amazed at how quiet it is, at just around 79 dBA.

To top things off, and increase effectivity, the manufacturer decided to pack this model together with an 8-piece accessory kit to cover a lot of activities: 2 tapered nozzles, inflation needle, 1/4″ tire chuck, hose adapter, a 2-piece high-flow inflator/deflator kit, and Teflon tape.

Customer Support and Warranty

As a manufacturer in the power tool making history, Porter-Cable is able to give you decent service at reasonable prices, and provide friendly user manuals, which are adequate for professionals and new users alike.

Additionally, they give a 1-year long warranty policy on compressor parts, guaranteeing that they will fix any factory mistakes if any occur.


What to Expect from Porter-Cable CMB15 Air Compressor

As you might have already concluded from information about the weight and sound of the unit, this model is definitely not a heavy-duty one. Regardless, we found a whole bunch of utility in it. Spray painters, nail guns, and smaller sanders, as well as the standard tire blowing functions, are packed in. Combine these with its portability, and you will get a solid unit for your tool shed or garage.


  • Extraordinarily portable, lightweight, and compact
  • The 8-piece extension toolset is actually quite useful
  • Really quiet, making it ideal for long-lasting and late-night projects


  • Light-to-medium duty, with no heavy-duty option, but the unit makes it up in portability
  • Relatively small air tank, with only a 1.5-gallon capacity

Wrap Up

And, there it is, an essential summary of this Porter-Cable model to help you decide. We have put this unit under some utility pressure, and it proved solid in day-to-day tasks. We especially liked that this model is quiet and portable and that the manufacturer included the extra pieces to help you attach your tools.

Lastly, the design is beautiful and sleek, being that air compressors are usually robustly designed. As mentioned, you will not be able to attach the most powerful of tools, but in this price range, the unit works like a charm.

We hope that we answered any essential questions you might have regarding this model in this Porter-Cable CMB15 review, and if by any chance you have additional questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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