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Hitachi EC99S Review

Hitachi EC99S Air CompressorHitachi Power tools is a small company whose parent company is Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. They have been making power tools covering many different types of jobs for years. The company has distributors in North America, Asia, and Europe. We have chosen one of their air compressors for our review.

Air compressors can be used as a simple inflation tool for anything, from beach balls to car tires, or as a power source for air tools. Thanks to the expanding air tool market, air compressors are being used more by DIY handymen and construction professionals. We chose and tested a specific model for our Hitachi EC99S review.

We sincerely hope you will find the information in our review to be helpful in any future purchases. The review will provide information about the technical specifications, pros, and cons, as well as other useful data.

Hitachi EC99S Specifications

The tank of this unit is a twin stack, hot dog style air tank. The capacity of the air tank is 4 gallons. The maximum pressure this unit can take is limited to 135 PSI. Thanks to the hot dog design, this unit is very stable while being used.

The total weight of the air compressor is 52.9 pounds. This may be a little on the heavy side but you can still carry it around with the onboard handle. The pump is made from cast iron and is oil lubricated. This means you have to monitor the oil levels and make sure to change the oil at the intervals recommended in the user manual.

Unlike other portable air compressors, this model has been outfitted with industrial grade gauges encased in steel. The unit comes with shock absorption feet, to add stability to the unit while it is being used.

The motor on this air compressor operates at a maximum of 2 HP. This allows an airflow rate of 3.1 SCFM at 90 PSI. That means that the unit can support a variety of air tools. The operating noise level of the model is at around 70 dBA, making it relatively quiet.

Customer Support and Warranty

Since the Hitachi Power Tools company is owned by a global entity, their customer service department is fairly reliable. If you have any issues with their products, you can leave your questions on their website directly or call the customer service department.

If you need to find a local service center, you can get the information on their website as well. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty to cover for any manufacturing errors.

What to Expect from Hitachi EC99S

Thanks to the technical specs of this unit, you can use it for a variety of carpentry and inflation jobs. We used it to give some kitchen cabinets a fresh coat of paint, as well as to do some trim work in the living room.

This model can also handle any nailing work you might have around your home or on a work site. The 4-gallon capacity of the air tan doesn’t allow you to use air tools for a long period of time. But thanks to that same capacity, you can run 2 nailers, or staplers, at the same time, depending on the application.

The air compressor is a good choice if you are planning to use it for inflation, trim work, finish carpentry or some hobby airbrushing. But, if your goal is to use it for construction work, you may need a model with a higher tank capacity. If you want to find out about what other models are out there, feel free to consult our buying guides. (link the buyer’s guide)


  • Low operating noise level at ~70dBA
  • The motor has anti-overload thermal protection
  • The unit comes with industrial air pressure gauges


  • Can’t handle prolonged use

Wrap Up

The air compressor designed by Hitachi was built well in terms of reliability and safety. Whether you are a DIY renovator, a contractor, or a professional builder, you can find multiple uses for this machine.

From airbrushing to finish carpentry, this model handles what it was designed to handle. The only limitation of this unit is the 4-gallon air tank, which prevents the user from using heavy-duty air tools. The unit is a solid choice among mid-range air compressors.

We hope our Hitachi EC99S review has covered all of the relevant points in order for you to make an informed decision. If we have skipped something please leave a comment and we will gladly reply.

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