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Excell U256PPE Review

Excell U256PPE Air CompressorIn this day and age, getting your own power tools is no longer something that is reserved just for professional workers and handymen. Science and engineering have made it possible that anyone can afford, get and use power tools. Most of those tools use compressed air as their power source, which is more reliable and powerful than the tool that has their own electric source.

One of those compressed air sources is the model we are about to test and challenge its properties and features. Technical specifications, size and portability, and overall feel are what we are all interested in. After all, this should be a valuable investment, and the competition is fierce in this field.

We have decided to take this Excell model for a ride, and sum the impressions in this short, but handy, Excell U256PPE review.

Excell U256PPE Specifications

When we are talking about air compressors, there is much to learn, and this particular unit is ideal for people who need to save space and need to move around a lot while working. This unit provides an excellent maneuvering range, weighing at around 35 pounds, and having an ergonomically designed housing. And when it comes to design, the manufacturer decided to go with an ultra-modern all-black minimalist approach.

Now, to get a bit technical. First of all, this model is oil-free, meaning that you will not spend a lot of time on maintenance, or get dirty at all while working with it. A low, 7.5-amp electric motor exerts a nice 2.8 SCFM at 90 PSI and is able to start on below zero temperatures (down to -24F). The low voltage also enables it to be connected to up to 400 feet-long extension cables, which greatly increases mobility and portability.

Even though it can fit the standard 120V wall socket, what makes this 6-gallon air compressor great is the option to start it at 64V, making it ideal for weaker electrical infrastructures, like rural ones, or sometimes outside worksites.

The housing is sturdy, has an easy to operate handle and 2 gauges to check the input and output pressure. In the middle, there is a regulator knob to help you fit the pressure needed for the tool you are using. And the whole unit is mounted on 3 rubber coated metal legs, so it can be placed firmly on the ground.

Customer Service and Warranty

Overall satisfaction and the quality of the user guides with the products from this manufacturer is positive, although their online presence is a bit on the low side.

This product comes with the standard warranty policy of 1-year coverage.

What to Expect from Excell U256PPE Pancake Air Compressor?

All in all, this is a very versatile unit. We were amazed by the price-to-power ratio, and it did a good job on every presented challenge. From tire maintenance and yard pools and beach equipment, to blow cleaning, brad nailing, stapling, finish nailing, hardwood flooring, and light-duty bolting and wrenching. The feel is professional and the portability is great. And the 6-gallon tank was more than enough to do these tasks, without the need to recover all the time.


  • Very portable and lightweight
  • The option to start at 64V is excellent for special conditions with weaker power sources
  • It can start in extremely low temperatures (down to -24F)


  • Lack of additional accessories
  • Cannot tackle heavy-duty tasks

Wrap Up

In this extremely affordable price range, we were amazed by the performance of this model. The unit itself was very quiet, and it did all the tasks around the house with ease. Truth be told, heavier operations dragged on a bit, but in this class and range, we were more than satisfied.

After all, owning a piece of equipment that needs so little maintenance, can aid you in your handiwork, and costs this little, what is there more to ask for. This should be a starting point if you are not familiar with how these air compressors work.

And that would be it, the essentials regarding this model. We hope that we answered all of your potential questions in this Excell U256PPE review. In the case, you have something additional to ask, feel free to do so in the comments section.

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