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Campbell Hausfeld HM7500 Review

Campbell Hausfeld HM750000AV Air CompressorGoing hand-in-hand with technology these days is mandatory if you want to approach your crafting and repairing jobs adequately. It is true that power tools are for professionals, but they are not exclusive to them only. Nowadays, anyone can, and should afford power tools for their workshop and/or garage. And almost every power tool worth your time is powered by an air compressor.

We are going to go through all the important info you should know about this Campbell Hausfeld model. Not only will we talk about the pros and cons regarding its power and workforce, but its design and general feel. Picking a good compressor for your needs is crucial if you want to work on your projects without any obstacles.

Read all the important info in our Campbell Hausfeld HM7500 review.

Campbell Hausfeld HM7500 Specifications

Right of the bat, you can clearly notice the industrial, yet modern, hefty blue design of the unit. Unlike similar models in this price range, this unit is heavier in weight with 51 pounds but makes it up with stability. Heavy-duty carrying handle and rubberized support legs on the bottom make it pretty solid when it comes to sturdiness.

Let`s talk about the power that this unit can provide for your tools. It is important to emphasize that this unit doesn’t use oil, meaning that its pump requires little to no maintenance. Powered by a low amp, 120 V electric motor, it exerts 2.5 SCFM at 90 PSI, which is more than enough to sustain the power tools. With the regulator knob, you can halve the PSI output and gain a bit more SCFM for prolonged working sessions like a painting.

When it comes to maintenance, being that this is an oil-free model, the only thing you will need to do is drain the 6-gallon air tank once you’re finished. With this, you invest in longevity, keeping the tank rust-free by draining the condensed water out.

For absolute control of the pressure, there are 2 gauges provided on the unit, for input and output pressure. This way you can plan and predict the recovery time of the compressor, saving your own time in the process and working more efficiently.

Customer Support and Warranty

Campbell Hausfeld is a renowned brand in the power tool business, so they can answer your needs in terms of support. Getting parts or advice is an option you can use through phone or email, so feel free to ask the manufacturer whatever you want. Additionally, their user manual documentation is present on several platforms, meaning they are quite active online, and popular with the community.

This particular compressor unit has a 1-year limited warranty, and the company provides all the spare parts needed.

What to Expect from Campbell Hausfeld SM7500 Air Compressor?

With all the power this oil-free unit provides, and the versatility it brings, you will be able to tackle all the standard tasks you might have. Sanding, stapling, air-brushing are the heavier jobs that this model can enable for your needs. By using the modulator and the indicator gauge, you can also approach some of the lighter objectives, like inflating tires or beach gear. The unit is a bit louder, but it makes up in power by a large amount.


  • One of the most powerful in its price range
  • Somewhat portable and pretty sturdy despite its weight
  • A wide range of jobs it can tackle


  • A heavier model in its class
  • No additional accessories provided by the manufacturer
  • A bit louder than the models in its class

Wrap Up

Considering an air compressor is logical, whether you are a professional or a DIYer. This should be one of the first investments in your personal workshop or hobby-dedicated place. We were pretty satisfied with the model, considering its price-to-power and portability-to-power ratio. Maintenance was a piece of cake. Keep in mind that acquiring your own air compressor opens up a whole new world when it comes to the choice of tools you can utilize. Even in the world of arts and painting, people use compressors for spray-painting and air-brushing, so you are not limited to construction only, of course.

We sincerely hope that we apprehended all the questions you might have had in this summarized Campbell Hausfeld SM7500 review. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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