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Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 Review

Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 Air CompressorCampbell Hausfeld is known for producing world-class and high-quality heavy-duty equipment.  We have chosen and tested out one of their air compressors and we will give you the results in our Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 review.

We will go over specifications, pros and cons, warranty, portability and other reasons someone would want to use this pancake air compressor. We sincerely hope that this review will help you in making your research.

Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 Specifications

The air compressor weighs 12.9 pounds, and gas one-gallon tank capacity. The dimensions of the unit are 11.8 x 12.7 x 11.8 inches, making it an ideal machine for jobs around the house. Despite its size, this compressor has a decent maximum pressure capacity, with up to 110 PSI. The compressor has a 0.36 SCFM airflow rating at 90 PSI.

The oil-free pump makes it worry and maintenance-free household machine. In comparison to electrically powered tools, air tools have significantly lower initial costs and longer lifespans. This machine comes with a universal, electric powered 120-volt motor at 0.33 HP, which makes it perfect for tire inflation, powering air brad nailers, air staplers, and airbrushes.

The compressor can be used with a removable regulator kit, but that part is not included in the unit. Instead, you can use the onboard regulating valve to adjust pressure. It includes a 25-foot recoil hose, needle, needle adapter, 2 inflator nozzles, air chuck, plus onboard storage to keep all the accessories organized.

Despite the fact that this model is very budget friendly and very light, unfortunately, it is very noisy when it works with 93 dBA. The main purpose of the one-gallon air tank is to regulate a smooth air supply, but it will shut down quickly. This is not a problem, as it simply means you pause for a moment until the tank recharges, and then carry on.

Customer Support and Warranty Policy

The air compressor comes with a one-year warranty. If something goes wrong you should contact the company via phone or email and they will inform you where is the nearest approved service and repair center for their products. As mentioned in the user manual, the warranty can be used to repair or replace the compressor or component which is defective, has malfunctioned or failed to conform within the duration of the warranty period.

The warranty does not cover any component damaged during shipment or any failure caused by installing or operating the unit under conditions not in according with installation and operation guidelines or damaged by contact with tools or surroundings.

What Can You Do with The Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 Pancake Air Compressor?

The air compressor can be used for a lot of different things to help you with work around the house. Whether you have been weed whacking and are clearing away clippings from the driveway, or you just finished working in the garage, an air compressor can help you get cleaned up quickly.

It can be used to inflate tires or blow up pools. Also, a great perk of having an air compressor is that it can be used for airbrushes or nail guns. It can also be used as a pressure washer.


  • Lightweight design for easy portability
  • Ideal for inflation, brad nailing, stapling and airbrushing


  • Operating noise of the unit is a loud
  • The unit can overheat quickly

Wrap Up

If you have any interest in carpentry, crafts or building things, then this unit is a perfect air compressor for your needs. It is a reasonable price, compact, easy to carry and store. But keep in mind that this compressor is fairly loud, because of that it would be good to wear ear protection.

We hope that we have managed to answer all the necessary question you might have in our Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 review. If we haven’t please write to us in our comments section and we will reply as soon as we can.

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