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California Air Tools 5510SE Review

California Air Tools 5510SE Air CompressorAir compressor is perfect for upgrading your tool arsenal. No matter if you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, the fact that all the best tools are powered by compressed air should be the best clue that getting an appropriate unit is important. The unit has to power all of your tools and does it with consistent efficiency.

We decided to get a California unit, one of the most popular, and test it in the most common situations you can encounter in a workshop or a toolshed. Not only that we are going to talk about specifications and technical stuff, but we will also go through noise levels and the best way to utilize this particular model.

Learn all about this model before purchasing it, in this California Air Tools 5510SE review.

California Air Tools 5510SE Specifications

The first impression after unpacking the unit was amazing. Futuristically designed with a metallic gray body and a hot dog shaped air tank, this model looks modern and sturdy at the same time. The 5.5-gallon steel air tank is mounted on a 2-wheel system, with a heavy-duty handle on top, and a hinge that lets you mount it anywhere you want. As you might have already guessed, this model is quite portable and easily moved around, weighing just over 54 pounds.

Now, it`s time to get a bit more technical. The motor powering the whole unit is electric and oil-free, which means that maintenance will never be a problem. The 1 HP SP-9413 motor operates at 1680 RPM, which reduces the noise and makes this tool one of the best quiet air compressors. Combined with the Ultra Quiet system, the noise level clocks at about 60 decibels, which is pretty good for inside jobs, or for late-night tasks. The SP Series motor is engineered to withstand prolonged sessions, making it ideal for airbrushing or spray painting.

This unit exerts 2.20 SCFM at 90 PSI, and 3.1 SCFM at 40 PSI, with a maximum pressure of 120 PSI. This means that we should not underestimate this model, even though it looks quite compact. Because it is meant to be used with multiple types of tools, the manufacturer implemented a Thermal Overload Protector. So, you do not have to keep checking on the unit all the time and enjoy the work undisturbed.

On top of the unit, there is a built-in analog control panel. It has 2 indicator gauges that monitor the input and the output exerted pressure. Additionally, there is a control valve that enables you to adjust the pressure for the work at hand.

Customer Support and Warranty Policy

We found out that this Californian company is somewhat young, being a competitor in the market since 2002. Nevertheless, the company was made by engineers and professional tool users, making it more credible. They have a vast community of DIYers and power tool enthusiasts built around them, also their content is even online in video form. They are active on forums, and you can get all sorts of assistance via telephone, email, or their website.

This particular model is backed by a 1-year part and labor warranty policy, and the manufacturer promises to provide any factory broken pieces, free of charge.

What to Expect from California Air Tools 5510SE Air Compressor?

The specifications are written withstood all the tests we made. No surprises there, positive or negative, the unit delivered what it promised. The Ultra Quiet system will definitely enable you to work late nights or to place the unit in small closed spaces. Nailing, stapling, air brushing or painting will be done with ease, and in some cases, even drilling is an option. Just keep in mind to drain the steel air tank after use, in order to keep the tank rust-free.


  • Steel body, making it sturdy and stable
  • Ultra Quiet low noise system makes it convenient for the working environment
  • Fast recovery makes prolonged sessions possible


  • Somewhat heavy (54 pounds), but still made to be portable
  • Only one coupler, so only one tool can be attached at a time

Wrap Up

The air compressor market is rich in competition. This one made solid results while keeping the workstation quiet and enjoyable. Maintenance was almost non-existent, except for the air tank draining. Above all the model looks beautiful and modern, and it`s really firm, considering that the air tank is made of steel.

Hopefully, we have covered every essential question you might have had regarding this unit in our unbiased California Air Tools 5510SE review. In case you have any additional questions, feel free to ask in the comment section, and we will provide the answers.

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