As it is usual in the world of power tools, new trends arise every once in a while. It is known that game-changing upgrades are not a rarity anymore, and for that reason alone it is essential to have a reliable source to keep you up to date.

That is why we started this online library that stresses out the importance of a useful tool, and an air tool at that. We were surprised by the lack of knowledge people have about air tools and air compressing machines in general. Pneumatic systems were here centuries ago, before electricity even, and truth be told, they were forgotten. And they were forgotten unrightfully.

We have decided to dig into the powerful mechanisms of air tools and pneumatic systems with a modern approach. The variety of things you can fix, repair and enhance with an air tool is so gigantically wide that we would need a lot more time to scratch the surface of this topic.

As a team of handymen, repairmen, and DIYers, we decided to make this library and share every bit of knowledge about famous (and some slightly less so) air tools in today’s market. Simple language and straightforward facts, this is what we strive for as the ultimate goal. Why? Because we believe that anyone can become a DIYer to some degree and that everyone should learn about these tools, at least the basics of it.

Because of the time air tools spent in the background, a strange public opinion emerged. People somehow began to think that air tools are used by professional construction workers only, and this could not be farther from the truth. Did you know that even artist use air tools too? Well, we certainly hope that our website will help you break this common prejudice.

After all, air tools are also considered safer in a lot of situations. Imagine having a strong power tool in your hand without an electric cord. It does sound futuristic, doesn’t it? That is why we like to encourage all of you, no matter the skill you possess, pros and newbies, to use our library and start enjoying the fruits of modern, yet traditional, technology.

Regardless of location, country or type of repair, a well-made tool is crucial for optimal results. Now, we do not expect you to fall in love with tools as we did, but at least give air tools a fair chance, and see what kind of power they deliver.

Painters, airbrushers, carpenters, furniture makers, plumbers, metalworkers, machinists, crafting hobby enthusiasts, you are all welcome to enter this powerful world of air tools and upgrade your handy work. As always, every journey begins with a single step, and we would like to think that our knowledge library can act as that first step for many.

Who would have thought that air around us can be utilized to such heavy-duty tasks? Come and meet the power of old-school machine principles and modern engineering combined and don’t hesitate to contact us about anything.